A New Year, A New Story

  Most of us spent most of 2018 talking about how terrible the world was, because our eyes were open and we saw the horrors. Children in cages. Cities under siege from tsunamis and hurricanes, while our President bragged about the size of his nuclear button on Twitter.  This is a new year. And I’m […]

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Stories tend to become true. So start predicting the future you want to see, not the future you’re afraid of.

You want some evidence on how stories can create the future? Let’s look at the economy for a minute. We tend to believe that the economy is about numbers, and economic indicators. It’s not emotional. It’s rational and logical. But the truth is, we’re wrong. The economy is a story we tell, just like any […]

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What does every kayaker know that every CEO needs to?

Most of us who’ve been skiing, rafting, or even bicycling know this experience: you have an open path ahead of you and a single obstacle to avoid. You focus on that obstacle–maybe a tree or a rock–and tell yourself to go around it, only to find yourself running straight into it (often at full-speed). After picking yourself up, […]

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“The times we’re moving in now, people are so focused on the darkness. Every time I find myself being pulled into these conversations about how negative things are – “Did you see what else he [Trump] did?’ – if you just shifted all that energy to focus on the light, amazing things would start to show up for us. These so-called dark times that we’re living in are an opportunity for it.”

Oprah Winfrey, reminding us that success starts with the story you tell

“Small shifts in mindset can trigger a cascade of changes so profound that they test the limits of what seems possible…. Changing our minds can be a catalyst for all the other changes we want to make in our lives. But first, we may need to convince ourselves that such a change is possible.”

Kelly McGonigal, The Upside of Stress