Some stories make us weak. Some stories make us strong. In the long run, success is determined by the story you tell. So let’s choose our stories wisely. In 2019, we’re committed to finding and writing stories that inspire you to feel better, do better, and change the world for the better.

“If I’ve learned anything from 12 years of dragging heavy things around cold places, it’s that true real inspiration and true growth only come from adversity and challenge, from stepping away from what is comfortable and familiar and stepping out into the unknown.”

– Ben Saunders, Polar Explorer

Success starts with the story you tell

In recent years, leaders have learned the value of cognitive science in driving business performance. Thousands of pages have been written on behavioral economics, cognitive psychology and neuroscience. But it would take a lifetime to learn all that research. We’ve distilled twenty five years of science into three kinds of stories, simple to learn and apply. 

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